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About Melania

Melania is a small Dutch non-governmental organization, which focuses on micro projects for grassroot women in several countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Project criteria

The project should originate from a local initiative taken by several (organized) women to improve their social, economical and/or cultural position and raises their level of consciousness and organization.

  • The project is directed towards grassroot women (low income groups).
  • The women’s group is responsible for project planning, implemantion and sustaining.
  • The women’s group should be willing and able to communicate with the Dutch ’sister group’ (letter writing, progress reports).
  • The Melania financial contribution facilitates the start of the project. Building the capacity to become selfsupporting is necessary to avoid financial dependence on Melania.
  • Melania supports projects in the following field: small-scale trade processing and other income generating activities.

Project applications

An application should clearly describe:

  • situation of the area/country and aim of the project
  • target group, their participation in initiating, executing and sustaining the project
  • proposed activities and possible bottlenecks
  • available resources and local contribution
  • nature, duration and budget of the project

Melania Foundation

P.O. Box 16440
2500 BK Den Haag
The Netherlands
[email protected]

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